At QLD Training Centre we specialise in Firearms Safety Training Courses in the following categories A,B,C,D,H and M.

We are looking for qualified licenced Firearms instructors/Trainers, who have experience in training Firearms Safety Course NAT10618 (and/or 30898QLD) to join our organisation Qld Training Centre R.T.O 40463. QLD TRAINING CENTRE offers firearm safety training course certifications thoughout Queensland. You will have the opportunity to work as a subcontractor, and you MUST be able to source your own work and have ranges secured to complete the live fire part of the course for your trainees/applicants as per Weapons Licencing requirements.

All Training material will be provided to you in powerpoint format and the student handout material will be supplied but will remain the property of QTC. You will be linked to our website advertising your training dates and locations for your courses, you will use an email address for booking purposes  e.g your as bookings can be diverted to yourself from the website for your area and we will supply a business card template for you to use so you can have it printed.

We guarantee to supply the statement of attainment within 24 hours of the course completion once you have deemed the student as competent. We will supply an excel template for you to return on completion.

Contracts are 5 yearly and some enticing payment options will be discussed on application.

Support will be given as and when required by Queensland Training Centre Staff.