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Queensland Training Centre

Special Offers*

Undertake your Firearms Safety Course with Queensland Training Centre and take advantage of the numerous special offers available. QTC has combination course specials from both us and our affiliate partners. First of all, take a look through the coupons. There are numerous combinations and deals available for both new and existing customers. Find the best one that suits your requirements, then quote the code upon booking with Queensland Training Centre .

Want to combine courses and save big dollars? Just ask us how we can help!. Queensland Training Centre can create personalised category combination courses to cover the knowledge and skills needed to safely operate your unique choice of firearms.

Queensland Training Centre can help with most stages of the licencing including: Registrations, memberships, purchases and storage of your firearms. Just contact us if you need assistance in these areas and we will endeavour to assist in any way we can.

Our affiliate partners ensure that your learning environment is in top notch condition. We make sure that your course experience with QTC is something to get excited about. You will have access to the latest information in your chosen categories, knowledgeable skilled trainers, premium facilities and the use of state of the art technology.

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