Category H

The Category H course meets the requirements for some of the most common firearms in QLD, as is popular for most participants. This category covers people who are intending to use firearms for Sports/Target Shooting, Recreational Shooting (Hunting), Collecting Firearms and some occupations.

(1) A firearm, including an air pistol and a blank-fire firearm, under 75 cm in length, other than a powerhead, is a category H weapon, regardless of whether it has been rendered permanently inoperable;

(2) A conversion unit is also a category H weapon;

(3) This section does not apply to a powerhead or category C, D or R weapon;

(4) In this section– “conversion unit” means a unit or device or barrel that is capable of being used for converting a category H weapon that is a firearm from one calibre to another calibre.

For schedule 2 of the Act, each of the following comprises a class of category H weapon—

(a) an air pistol;
(b) a centre-fire pistol with a calibre of not more than .38 inch or a black-powder pistol;
(c) a centre-fire pistol with a calibre of more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch;
(d) a rim-fire pistol.