Which Safety Course do I need to do?

The course you choose will depend on the firearm/weapon you intend on using and the genuine reason for you wanting to use a firearm or weapon. Below is a brief summary of the firearms covered in each of the courses as well as examples of genuine reasons for their use. A more detailed explanation of each of the courses can be found on the above course pages.

Category A,B & H

The Category A, B and H course meets the requirements for all of the common firearms in QLD, as is popular for most participants. This category covers people who are intending to use firearms for Sports/Target Shooting, Recreational Shooting (Hunting), Collecting Firearms and some occupations.

Examples of firearms in these categories include:

  • Air Rifles
  • Single and Double Barrel Shotguns
  • Bolt Action, Lever Action and Pump Action Rifles
  • Muzzle Loading Firearms
  • Semi-Automatic Pistols and Revolvers
  • Paintball Guns
Category C & D

Category C and D Firearms are generally for more specialised use , generally only used for occupational purposes such as primary producers, pest controllers, firearms dealers, armourers, instructors and theatrical ordnance suppliers. Examples of firearms in these categories include:

  • Semi-Automatic Rifles
  • Semi-Automatic and Pump Action Shotguns
Category M & R

Crossbows are classed as a Category M weapon in QLD. This course is suitable for anyone that requires a crossbow licence for sports / target, recreational, occupational or any other genuine reason. Category R Courses are by appointment only and covers everything from machine guns to .50 Calibre BMG cartridge weapons.