Paintball Firearms

Queensland Training Centre operates firearm safety courses for categories A & B regularly at Gold Coast Indoor Paintball – This gives you an immediate kickstart in obtaining your licence to own and operate a paint ball marker gun as per Queensland legislation.

QTC’s safety course is a nationally recognised accreditation and for the particular combination course, Category A & B, aimed at the direct relation to paint balling. The paintball safety course is more suited to the realities of the sport. QTC are running safety courses to help facilitate people getting into the sport of paintball in Queensland more regularly.

If you want to own a paintball marker in Queensland you need to get your paintball marker license. The application can be done online from the Queensland Police Website.  You will need to have proof of the safety course as well as a genuine reason for holding the license which can be obtained through QTC.

Safety Course
As far as the safety course goes, Queensland Training Centre is well equipped to give you the right skills and advice. Currently we are running the courses every couple of weeks and you can give us a call to express your interest. The Paintball safety course goes for a couple of hours and we can cater for single one on one sessions or larger group bookings. The safety course involves covering legislative requirements of holding a category A/B licence, a discussion on the safety of paintball and live fire exercises. At a Queensland Training Centre Firearms Safety Course for Paintball, we include a run down on compressed air safety, paintball gas bottles including refilling & velocity checking (chronographing) of paintball markers. We will also discuss factors such as the storage and transportation requirements.

Genuine Reason for holding a Paintball Marker Gun License

There are an easy way to justify your paintball marker license.

Undertake our SPECIAL OFFER firearm safety course package and you will gain a membership to Gold Coast Indoor Paintball for 6 Months for FREE, upon expiry, you will need to renew your membership. Very important – If you are a member of a paintball club, it is your responsibility to maintain the membership. If your membership lapses, this forms grounds to have your license cancelled.

Queensland Training Centre works in conjunction with Gold Coast Indoor Paintball to provide extensive Firearms Safety Training Courses in an environment that suits the application, we can provide a letter to confirm that you are an active player and will extend an exclusive 6 Month membership to Gold Coast Indoor Paintball upon completion of the SPECIAL OFFER Firearms Safety Course Package – The Package also includes: Category A and B Certification (Valid for 12 months, issued within 24 hours), 1000 free paintballs, gear hire & paintball gun hire for the first introduction to paintball night (Thursday nights), a FREE First PTA (Permit to Acquire) to purchase your first paintball gun, and FREE brokerage fee.

If you are interested in getting into paintball in Queensland please contact Queensland Training Centre on 0408 432 342 to find out when the next safety course will be held.